Avoid the hassle - trust our team to act on your behalf.

Just imagine the advantage of having someone to take the accounting burden away, how much more time you can spend concentrating on your business and clients.

Having a reliable accountant will not just save time for you but money as well. You will avoid potential penalties as you will not have to remember all the declaration dates and law changes - we will do this for you.

We offer accounting services for businesses including:

  • VAT – registration, declaration and consultation. We will advice you when business needs to register for Value Added Tax (VAT), when it is beneficial and when it is essential. As our client you will be briefed about available VAT Schemes, declarations will be filled correctly and on time, in a case of a company’s VAT declaration check we will assist you throughout the way.
  • PAYROLL. When registering as an employer you take the responsibility for your employees' pay and taxes declared. For not submitting or for making a false declaration you will be penalised, so avoid the hassle - trust our experienced team.
  • Corporation Tax. This is the main type of taxes all LTD companies have to pay if in profit. It is not enough to calculate your profits, submissions and payments have to be made on time to avoid penalties. There are certain laws and rules that need to be followed, by trusting accounting services to us and we will advice on how to maximise company’s profitability and reduce tax burden following current laws.
  • CIS – Construction Industry Scheme. This scheme was introduced to control construction industry. We will advice you if business needs to register for the scheme and make monthly declarations on the business behalf.
  • Self-assessment. If you are carrying out business as a sole-trader we are here to guide and advice you on business activities and tax issues. Tax declaration is as essential to a sole trader as it is to a company so do not risk filling it in incorrectly.