Business consultancy services professional business consultancy team provides advice for businesses at any business cycle stage to support growth, achieve effectiveness and guide to the right direction. Getting a right advice at the right time will help to increase profits by increase of turnover, profitability, market share and productivity.

We have a varied client base including restaurants, beauty salons, shops, construction, logistics and other companies, that are at various cycle stages, young and well established. Clients choose us as we are known for extraordinary customer focus, objectivity and confidentiality.


Business consultancy services can be divided into the following categories:

Start ups

Getting a right advice before you take the first steps towards establishing a business is crucial to the business future. An experienced consultant will provide an impartial advice on business idea and strategy, will advice on business name, capital size, required licences and future taxation.

Established companies

Every business goes through all the business cycle stages at some point of business life and we are here to guide you through it. To guide and build strong relationships are our goals, so the business can get the best help at the right time.


We have been helping restaurants to achieve their goals and succeed in the industry from the very first steps.